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Ceará Gang Truce Shows Brazil Government Could Be Common Enemy

The northern state of Ceará in Brazil has become a battlefield after government plans to clamp down on gang-controlled prisons were met with...

Paraguay Authorities Foil New Plan to Free Red Command Leader

Authorities in Paraguay have foiled, for the second time in a month, an attempt to free a Brazilian drug trafficker imprisoned in the Southern Cone nation, raising...

Red Command Arrests in Bolivia Point to Group’s Likely Expansion

Police in Bolivia have captured three alleged members of one of Brazil's most powerful criminal groups after a brazen armed assault on a military base, raising...

Turf Dispute Breaks North Brazil Gang Pact, Opening Door for PCC

Two of Brazil’s most important criminal groups have ended a three-year truce and are now fighting for control over a strategic drug trafficking route in the...

GameChangers 2017: Government and Gangs Battle for Brazil

A new war between Brazil’s two biggest crime groups has contributed to escalating violence across the country, which authorities are struggling to contain...

Arrest of Rio Drug Kingpin Unlikely to Break Gang Control

One of Rio’s most wanted drug kingpins has been arrested in a massive security operation, raising questions about how his capture might affect...

Prison Massacre Charges Highlight Source of Brazil Security Crisis

Prosecutors in Brazil have charged more than 200 inmates in connection to one of the country’s bloodiest prison massacres in recent years, as the security...
Bolivian Interior Minister Carlos Romero

Brazil Crime Groups Share Territorial Control in Bolivia: Minister

Recent attacks in Bolivia attributed to Brazil's main criminal groups have led Bolivia's interior minister to believe that these organziations have divided...
Drug consumption and seizures are rising in Argentina

Rising Seizures and Consumption in Argentina – the Next Brazil?

Rising cocaine seizures in Argentina coupled with growing concerns about domestic consumption could be signs that the Andean nation may be headed down a similar...
Police review seized rifles

US Rifles Fuel Brazil Gangs’ Expansion

The recent seizure of 60 sophisticated military rifles originating from Miami in Río de Janeiro's international airport has exposed a massive arms trafficking...
Bolivia's Vice Minister of Citizen Security, Juan Carlos Aparicio

Arrests Suggest Brazilian Gangs Are Deepening Presence in Bolivia

Recent actions carried out in Bolivia by Brazil's two most powerful prison gangs indicate these groups are looking to deepen their presence in the Andean nation as...
Authorities inspect the scene where a dismembered body was recently discovered

Is Gang War in Brazil Behind Recent Violence in Paraguay?

A recent spate of violence on the border between Brazil and Paraguay suggests a battle for control of drug trafficking routes in the area, but it remains unclear...