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Will Top US Prosecutor’s Ousting Impact Latin America Drug Cases?

The US Attorney General's surprise ousting of a top US prosector could potentially have repercussions on high-profile drug cases in Latin America, two of which...

US Offers Eye-Catching Rewards for Capture of Ex-FARC Mafia Leaders

A US reward of up to $20 million dollars for the capture of two key ex-FARC Mafia leaders raises questions about just why...

4 Ways Microtraffickers are Getting Around Coronavirus Restrictions

Just like many legal enterprises trying to find ways to get their products to customers despite the pandemic, microtraffickers in Latin America have had to adjust...

Violence Rages On in Colombia’s Cauca Department

A wave of violence has struck Colombia's southwestern Cauca department, in the form of targeted killings and armed groups battling for control of coca crops and...

Corruption and Graft Afflict Latin America’s Pandemic Response

As Latin America emerges as the new global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, corruption has proliferated, with politicians and middlemen quick to line their...

The Controversial New Deployment of US Troops in Colombia

The decision to send US troops into Colombia to help against drug trafficking is a troubling one, whether as part of the two countries' security strategy or...

Colombia Attorney General Confirms Identity of ‘Memo Fantasma’

Colombia’s top prosecutor says that Madrid-based businessman Guillermo León Acevedo Giraldo is Memo Fantasma, confirming InSight Crime's investigation into the...

Colombia’s EPL Bitterly Divided Between Political, Drug Trafficking Factions

A top EPL guerrilla commander in Colombia was killed on order of its high command for treason -- an act likely to further inflame infighting among the group’s...

Colombia’s Coca Eradicators Spared From Coronavirus Lockdown

While it has imposed a stringent coronavirus lockdown, the Colombian government has come under fire for allowing coca eradication campaigns to continue largely...

Colombia’s High Commissioner for Peace Lays Out New Appeal to Armed Groups

Amid an unprecedented global health crisis, a national lockdown and uncertainty about the evolution of the country's main criminal actors, the Colombian government...

Colombia Running Out of Incentives to Convince Armed Fighters to Surrender

The Colombian government's latest offer of legal benefits to individuals of armed groups who surrender and face justice was met with skepticism, especially since it...

US Pressure on Cuba to Extradite ELN Leaders Unlikely to Succeed

The US and Colombia's strategic alliance may seem stronger than ever after Washington blacklisted Cuba for refusing to extradite ELN leaders. But beyond this show...