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A wounded Venezuelan police officer

Venezuela Security Forces Were Killed in Record Numbers in 2016

More than one police officer or military soldier was killed per day in Venezuela in 2016, a figure that highlights the steadily degrading security situation for...
Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela Govt Proposes Arming Civilians to Combat Crime

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro announced a new package of anti-crime measures that includes giving arms to civilians and charging supervised groups with...
The Maduro government has created conditions that have allowed for the accelerated growth of criminality and organized crime.

GameChangers 2016: Criminality and Organized Crime Thrives in Venezuela

This year has brought Venezuela to its knees -- economically, politically and socially -- providing organized crime with extremely fertile...
A mural of the armed colectivo "La Piedrita" en Caracas.

Opposition Protests Will Be Met With Colectivos: Venezuelan VP

Venezuela's vice president has threatened to repress opposition protests with colectivos -- pro-government armed groups that are becoming increasingly criminalized...
OLP in Ciudad Caricia. c/o

Black Ops: The Dark Side of Venezuela’s OLPs

One of Venezuela’s top digital media organizations leads us on an in-depth tour through the aftermath of one of the government’s controversial OLP anti-crime...
Venezuelan criminal organizations are increasingly sophisticated

Pirates, Contraband, and Mega-Gangs in Venezuela

In this second article, Venezuelan journalist Javier Mayorca examines the evolution of organized crime in Venezuela, from the first manifestations of official...
Members of the Tupamaros collective

Venezuela’s Leftist Collectives: Criminals or Revolutionaries?

A recent clash between Venezuela's collectives and police -- which may have led to the removal of the country's Interior Minister -- illustrates the complex and...
CICPC and Venezuela collectives have a tense relationship

Venezuela Police-Collective Clash Highlights Reform Challenges

A few months ago I was in Caracas, Venezuela having coffee with Alexis when our conversation was interrupted by a startling text message. After reading it he shared...
The slain leader of the 5th of March collective, middle

Venezuela Interior Minister Replaced Amid Pressure From Militant Collective

Venezuela's interior minister has been replaced, leading some to question whether it may have been due to pressure from a militant collective in Caracas that blamed...

Tensions in Venezuela as Collectives Bury Members Killed by Police

Members of a "collective" killed by police were buried in a public funeral in Caracas, amid concerns that these armed civilian groups -- many originally...
Venezuelan collective leader and congressman, both dead

5 Killed in Police Clash With Venezuela Political Collectives

A bloody clash between police and militant collectives in Caracas may feed suspicions that the collectives played a role in the recent dramatic murder of a...
Venezuela's leftist militias are known as "colectivos"

Venezuela Protests Shine Light on Leftist Militias with Criminal Potential

Government-backed militias have been accused of murdering protesters during recent civil unrest in Venezuela, turning the spotlight on armed groups that could...