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Credit: Seth Wenig/AP

7 Reasons for Describing Venezuela as a ‘Mafia State’

There is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a "mafia state." Here are seven arguments as to why we think Venezuela qualifies and what the...

Video Shows Notorious ‘Colectivo’ Leader Greeted by Venezuela Officials

A video showing a notorious colectivo leader and alleged criminal embracing high-ranking officials in public provides further credence to the idea these...

Report Highlights How Venezuela Crisis Fuels Piracy, Contraband in the Caribbean

A small patch of water between Venezuela’s eastern coast and the shores of Trinidad and Tobago has become a dangerous haven for pirates and criminals smuggling...

Shifting Criminal Dynamics Signal Violent Future for Colombia-Venezuela Border

Venezuela’s continued spiral into economic, political and social crisis and the demobilization of Colombia’s largest guerrilla group have shifted criminal...

The Eight Criminal Armies Supporting Venezuela’s Maduro Administration

The editor of one of Venezuela’s most important media organizations denounced that a combination of security forces and groups linked to organized crime have...
A security officer wears a skull mask during an OLP operation

Report Unmasks ‘State Terror’ of Venezuela Security Forces

A new investigation provides damning evidence of abuses and criminality associated with a controversial security initiative in Venezuela, adding to mounting...
Experts expect US economic sanctions against Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro to have zero impact

US Sanctions on Venezuela President Promise Zero Impact, Experts Say

The rare move by the United States to place economic sanctions on Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro will do little to reduce criminality within his regime and...
Venezuela security forces watch demonstrating protestors

Could Dissent in Venezuela Military, Judiciary Crack Maduro’s Criminal Regime?

Cracks have appeared in Venezuela's increasingly criminal regime. Dissidence has set in within the military, which is propping up the flailing government, and a key...
Camilo Barrera, arrested for buying weapons stolen from Venezuela’s military for the EPL

Colombia Arrest of EPL Middleman Shows Booming Venezuela Arms Market

Authorities in Colombia arrested an alleged intermediary of the EPL rebel group in charge of acquiring weapons from Venezuela's military, a reminder that the...
Venezuela’s National Assembly will investigate the role of colectivos in recent protests

Venezuela National Assembly Targets Pro-Govt ‘Colectivos’

Venezuela's National Assembly launched a commission to investigate the role of government-backed militias during recent, widespread deadly protests, while calling...
President Nicolás Maduro in a recent military display

Dark Times in Venezuela Signal Bright Future for Organized Crime

Whatever happens following "the mother of all protests" in Venezuela on April 19, political uncertainty looks guaranteed and will be embraced by organized crime....
A member of Venezuela’s National Guard watches over a border crossing with Colombia

Report Charts Evolution and Militarization of Venezuela’s Drug Trade

A new report details the evolution of Venezuela's drug trade, and offers some insights into the rise of the military's role in this illicit...