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Submarines for Rent – The Best Option for Traffickers in Colombia

In November, the Attorney General’s Office, the Colombian Navy and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) arrested 11 alleged members of an organization...

Guatemala Police Case Stirs Up Dark Memories

Authorities in Guatemala have arrested seven individuals, among them four police officers, accused of belonging to a criminal organization dedicated to arms...

El Salvador’s Odd Military Deployment to Stop Drugs at Honduras Border

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has ordered the Army to increase operations along the country's border with Honduras, in the northern department of...

Corruption, Containers, Cocaine: Guyana’s Role In Transnational Drug Trafficking

A recent string of high-profile interceptions targeting international drug trafficking operations have confirmed Guyana remains a crucial transit point for cocaine...

Corrupt New York Cop Crucial Link in Dominican Drug Trafficking Ring

A New York City police officer is accused of assisting a Dominican drug gang that moved hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, in a case that reveals how Dominican...

From Street Gangs to Presidents: InSight Crime’s Decade of Covering the Underworld

At InSight Crime’s 10th anniversary conference, presenter Robert Muggah described the primary reaction he has received when collaborating with the organization...

Record Cocaine Haul at Belgium Port Uncovers Police Corruption

Authorities in Belgium have arrested a former top counter-narcotics official who they say is being investigated for suspected involvement with a ring that concealed...

Cooking Cocaine in Full View of Guards at Paraguay’s Largest Prison

A drug kitchen was openly run by inmates inside Paraguay’s biggest prison, Tacumbú, in one of the clearest representations to date about how corruption has taken...

Bolivia’s New President Faces Complex Drug Scenario

The newly sworn-in president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, will face a number of pressing security challenges as he works to bring stability back to the country -- but...
A cocaine laboratory in Honduras

Honduras Proves Fertile Ground for Coca

Authorities in Honduras have destroyed more than 100 acres of coca crops this year, showing that criminal groups continue to use the country...

Los Pachenca Seek New Sanctuary for Drug Operations at Colombia’s Tip

A 14-ton seizure of cocaine has exposed a trafficking network linking Colombian trafficking group Los Pachecna to a small smuggling organization on the La Guajira...

Nicaragua Not Spared As Cocaine Flows Through Central America

A string of drug trafficking busts connected to Nicaragua have occurred over the past few weeks, raising questions over just how much cocaine is flowing through the...