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A maritime seizure of cocaine

Record ELN Cocaine Shipment Seized Days Before Peace Talks Start

An international sting led to the biggest drug seizure ever linked to Colombia's ELN rebel group, a worrying sign of the guerrillas' ongoing drug activities that...
Cocaine smuggling routes from Peru to Brazil

Lucrative Cocaine Trade Fuels Gang Presence in Brazil’s Amazon

An official intelligence report determined that the Peru-to-Brazil cocaine trade is worth $4.5 billion each year, spurring the growth of national and local gangs in...
Image taken from a video of the international bust

Spain and Morocco Bust Colombia Cocaine Trafficking Ring

Police in Spain and Morocco have dismantled what has been called the "most active" drug trafficking organization to operate across three continents, shedding light...
100 million euros worth of Colombian cocaine and 600,000 euros in cash were seized by French authorities in Bayonne

Large Cocaine Seizure in France Reflects Increasing Appetite for Drugs

The seizure of a metric ton of Colombian cocaine and a dismantled international trafficking ring in southwest France illustrate the increasing appetite for drugs in...
The 7.5 metric ton cocaine bust at Guayaquil port

Ecuador Makes Biggest Cocaine Bust of 2016 as Drug Seizures Rise

Ecuador has seized around 10 metric tons of cocaine at the Guayaquil port in the space of a few days, suggesting that the country may be growing in importance as...
A drug airstrip being blown up in Peru

Peru Drug Flights Shift North As Pressure Builds in Cocaine Hub

The destruction of nearly two dozen clandestine airstrips in central Peru suggests aerial drug traffickers are migrating away from the country's main hub for...
Arrested criminal boss "Puntilla" Pachón

Colombia’s Wild East: a Cocaine Hub Without a Capo

The Colombian government claims it has forced the country's main criminal organization out of the remote Eastern Plains region, but the area's strategic value as a...
The FARC peace process negotiators in Havana, Cuba

What Does Colombia Peace Deal Mean for Cocaine Trade?

A peace agreement between Colombia's government and the country’s largest rebel army has been reached, and while the end of the five-decade old civil war has...
Friendship Bridge border between Paraguay and Brazil

Narco-Bus Stopped Carrying Cocaine to Olympic City

A tour bus bound for the Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro was stopped in Paraguay carrying 296 kilograms of cocaine, further highlighting the criminal opportunities...
Reverol (left) and Molina (right)

US Charges Fmr Venezuela Anti-Drug Officials with Cocaine Trafficking

US officials have formally announced cocaine trafficking charges against two men who previously served in top positions in Venezuela's national anti-narcotics...

Business as Usual Following Caribbean Cocaine Network Bust?

The capture of 19 people for trafficking cocaine through the Caribbean archipelago of San Andrés reveals how Colombia's criminal groups used -- and will continue...
Cocaine seized in Honduras

Honduras Police Wanted for Cocaine Trafficking Extradited to US

Five of the six Honduran National Police officers indicted by the US government for cocaine trafficking in a scheme involving the son of an ex-president have turned...