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‘Argentine Officials Complicit in Cocaine Lab Ring’

A former government advisor has asserted that corrupt officials have allowed a Peruvian-run criminal group to flourish in Buenos Aires and produce millions of...
Cocaine use is on the decline in parts of Europe

Is Europe’s Cocaine Market Becoming Saturated?

A new report on European drug markets suggests a significant decline in cocaine use among the continent's principal consumer countries, which could have...
Cocaine recently seized in Ecuador

Ecuador Lt Col. Arrested in 2 Tn Cocaine Bust

Authorities in Ecuador arrested 11 suspected drug traffickers -- including an active lieutenant colonel -- and seized nearly two tons of cocaine destined for...
Items seized from a cocaine lab in Argentina

Peru Traffickers Running Cocaine Labs in Buenos Aires: Report

A report on the drug trade in Argentina offers new evidence of the country’s role in cocaine production, alleging that capital city Buenos Aires is home to...
Contraband seizures in Mexico decreased in 2014

Why Are Mexico Cocaine Seizures Falling?

Mexico's armed forces seized just over one ton of cocaine in 2014, a three-fold reduction from the year before, highlighting surprisingly low interdiction rates...

‘Police Stole Cocaine Shipment in Paraguay’

Paraguay officials say police based along the Brazilian border stole a shipment of seized cocaine, more evidence of official corruption in the Southern Cone...
DICAN chief Carlos Fernandez Valerio (center)

Dominican Anti-Drug Chief Accused of Stealing Cocaine

The head of the Dominican Republic's anti-narcotics police has been charged with stealing over a ton of cocaine, leading to allegations that the institution is so...
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Peru Narco-Plane Needs Just 6 Minutes to Load up Cocaine

A revealing video from Peru shows the speed with which drug traffickers can load up an aircraft with cocaine before take-off, demonstrating how easily criminal...
Liquid cocaine is difficult to detect

Liquid Cocaine, Bolivia’s Undetectable Drug

Bolivia reportedly has no way of detecting liquid cocaine, an increasingly important form of drug smuggling in the Andean nation, further undermining drug...
Cocaine discovered on Air France flight

No Top National Guard Officials Will Stand Trial in Venezuela’s Air France Cocaine Bust

Venezuela has charged 27 suspects in a case involving a massive cocaine seizure made on an Air France flight last year, but high-ranking members of the National...
The Caracas International Airport

‘Venezuela Never Reported Cocaine Haul in Jet Plane’

Venezuelan authorities never disclosed that another cocaine haul was discovered in a jet plane earlier this year, raising new questions about the amount of drugs...
PGC leader Osmar de Souza was captured in Paraguay in 2012

Brazilian Gang Runs Cocaine Trade in Peru’s Rebel Heartland

An emerging criminal group from Brazil may control up to 60 percent of the cocaine trafficked out of Peru, as Brazilian organized crime moves closer the source of...