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Liquid cocaine is difficult to detect

Liquid Cocaine, Bolivia’s Undetectable Drug

Bolivia reportedly has no way of detecting liquid cocaine, an increasingly important form of drug smuggling in the Andean nation, further undermining drug...
Cocaine discovered on Air France flight

No Top National Guard Officials Will Stand Trial in Venezuela’s Air France Cocaine Bust

Venezuela has charged 27 suspects in a case involving a massive cocaine seizure made on an Air France flight last year, but high-ranking members of the National...
The Caracas International Airport

‘Venezuela Never Reported Cocaine Haul in Jet Plane’

Venezuelan authorities never disclosed that another cocaine haul was discovered in a jet plane earlier this year, raising new questions about the amount of drugs...
PGC leader Osmar de Souza was captured in Paraguay in 2012

Brazilian Gang Runs Cocaine Trade in Peru’s Rebel Heartland

An emerging criminal group from Brazil may control up to 60 percent of the cocaine trafficked out of Peru, as Brazilian organized crime moves closer the source of...
The cocaine seized in Huanchaco, Peru

3.5 Tn Peru Cocaine Seizure Tied to Mexicans, Destined for Europe

Authorities in Peru have discovered at least 3.5 tons of cocaine that police say was destined to be shipped from the Pacific coast to Europe by Mexican...
The cocaine seized July 17 was stashed among clay bricks

Nicaragua Cocaine Seizures Highlight Use of Pacific Land Routes

Authorities in Nicaragua have seized approximately 886 kilos of cocaine over the past two weeks near the border with Costa Rica, highlighting the importance of the...
The cocaine was seized near Coco Island

2.3 Ton Cocaine Seizure Highlights Costa Rica’s Growing Role In Drug Trade

US authorities have seized more than 2 tons of cocaine from a Costa Rican vessel in the Pacific, highlighting the increasing role played by the nation's criminal...
Half ton of cocaine seized in Greek port Piraeus

Report Tracks New Cocaine Routes into Europe

A recent report highlights key changes in Europe's drug market, including the diversification of cocaine routes and the growing importance of Eastern European...
The Panamanian company allegedly trafficked cocaine in fish fillets

Italy-Panama Cocaine Network Reveals Mafia’s Use of Elite Connections

An international drug trafficking case involving an export company in Panama and the 'Ndrangheta mafia provides the latest example of the Italian criminal group's...
Costa Rican authorities seized over four tons of cocaine

‘Historic’ Costa Rica Cocaine Seizure Highlights Role of Locals in Drug Trade

Costa Rica has intercepted over four tons of cocaine and detained 11 Costa Ricans, in a case providing one indication of deepening local involvement in drug...
Cocaine seized in Puerto Rico

Cocaine Seizures Surge Shows Puerto Rico’s Trafficking Importance

Maritime antinarcotics authorities have seized over 17 tons of cocaine around Puerto Rico so far this year, a huge increase on past years indicative of the growing...
Liquid cocaine recovered in Progreso

Sinaloa Cartel Exporting Expertise, Importing Cocaine from Argentina

Authorities in Mexico have confirmed the Sinaloa Cartel orchestrated a recently busted operation that exported liquid cocaine from Argentina, in a mark of both the...