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Friendship Bridge border between Paraguay and Brazil

Narco-Bus Stopped Carrying Cocaine to Olympic City

A tour bus bound for the Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro was stopped in Paraguay carrying 296 kilograms of cocaine, further highlighting the criminal opportunities...
Reverol (left) and Molina (right)

US Charges Fmr Venezuela Anti-Drug Officials with Cocaine Trafficking

US officials have formally announced cocaine trafficking charges against two men who previously served in top positions in Venezuela's national anti-narcotics...

Business as Usual Following Caribbean Cocaine Network Bust?

The capture of 19 people for trafficking cocaine through the Caribbean archipelago of San Andrés reveals how Colombia's criminal groups used -- and will continue...
Cocaine seized in Honduras

Honduras Police Wanted for Cocaine Trafficking Extradited to US

Five of the six Honduran National Police officers indicted by the US government for cocaine trafficking in a scheme involving the son of an ex-president have turned...
cocaine consumption in South America booms

Surging South America Cocaine Use a Market Boom for Crime Networks

Growth of cocaine use in South America is outpacing any other region in the world and creating an emerging market boom for organized crime groups that are...
Packages of cocaine seized by Brazilian authorities

Brazil Is Top Cocaine Transshipment Country for Europe, Africa, Asia

Much of the South American cocaine destined for global markets flows through Brazil according a UN report, and there are a number of factors that make the former...
The port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands

New Report Offers Details on Cocaine Traffic to Europe

A new report provides insight into how traffickers move cocaine to the lucrative European market, including the key trafficking routes and smuggling techniques...

Colombia Discovers ‘Giant’ ELN Cocaine Lab

A huge cocaine processing complex run by the ELN has been found in west Colombia, showcasing the guerrilla group's role in a drug trade that could soon be changing...
Mexican Marine guards seized cocaine shipment

Cocaine Seizures by Mexico’s Army Jump 340%

Cocaine is once again front and center in Mexico's drug trafficking industry. In contrast to other illicit drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine, the...

US Intercepts Huge Cocaine Shipment off El Salvador Coast

A US anti-drug operation intercepted a semi-submersible watercraft hundreds of miles off the coast of El Salvador, seizing 8 tons of cocaine with a street value in...

‘Argentine Officials Complicit in Cocaine Lab Ring’

A former government advisor has asserted that corrupt officials have allowed a Peruvian-run criminal group to flourish in Buenos Aires and produce millions of...
Cocaine use is on the decline in parts of Europe

Is Europe’s Cocaine Market Becoming Saturated?

A new report on European drug markets suggests a significant decline in cocaine use among the continent's principal consumer countries, which could have...