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Soldiers eradicating coca in the Chapare region

How Coca Became Bolivia’s Top Crop

Bolivia is one of the world's top three producers of coca leaf, but in recent years, the number of processing pits dedicated to converting the plant into cocaine...
Coca crops in Peru's VRAEM region

Peru’s VRAEM Region: The Home of Miss Coca

Peru has become the biggest cocaine producer and exporter in the world. In the main cultivation region, farmers make their living selling coca leaf with no...
Cocaine seized during the June 13 raid

Anti-Drug Chief Admits Paraguay Becoming Cocaine Producer

Following recent discoveries of large scale cocaine processing laboratories in Paraguay, authorities have expressed concern that the role of the country in the...
Peruvian soldiers confiscating coca leaves

Peru Coca Cultivation Down 17%, but Gains Unlikely to Last

The number of hectares of coca cultivated in Peru decreased by 17.5 percent in 2013, causing an increase in the costs of cocaine, but these gains may be reversed by...
A Bolivian drug plane seized in Peru

90% of Cocaine from Peru’s VRAEM Moved by Air

Almost 200 tons of cocaine produced annually in the VRAEM region of Peru are transported by plane to Bolivia and on towards Latin America's principal market of...
The camouflaged CP-2782 discovered by authorities

Hunting Drug Planes in Peru’s Jungles

In an examination of Peru's drug flights, IDL Reporteros Director Gustavo Gorriti takes an in-depth look at how trafficking by air is organized, how lacking...
The INCB reports coca cultivation has fallen

Should UN Be Trumpeting Global Cocaine Market Decline?

United Nations figures indicate coca cultivation and cocaine production in Latin America has dropped, but questions remain over the numbers, while signs drug...
Cocaine seized from a bus travelling towards Desaguadero

Peru Drug Routes Illustrate Land Trafficking Patterns

Officials in Peru have identified four land and water routes used to traffic cocaine to Bolivia and one used to move drugs to Brazil, showing that though drug...
Peruvian police patrol through a coca field

4 Reasons Why Peru Became World’s Top Cocaine Producer

In 2013, the UN confirmed Peru had overtaken Colombia as the world's number one coca and cocaine producer. How could this happen in a relatively peaceful nation...
A drug plane on a Peru landing strip

Peru’s Cocaine Air Bridge

Peru is a mega-producer of cocaine. Alongside Colombia (with Bolivia a distant third), it exports a large percentage of the cocaine the world consumes. What has...