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A coca farmer in Peru

Eradication No Fix-All Solution to Coca Growing in Peru

Peru has failed to supplement its remarkable success in coca eradication with effective strategies that encourage farmers to plant alternative crops, meaning...
"Sacha Mono" (left)

From Rags to Riches to a Prison in Peru: One Drug Trafficker’s Story

The account of one drug trafficker's criminal history in Peru's tri-river valley known as the VRAEM is emblematic of how the cocaine trade works in the country's...
Bolivia President Evo Morales meets with US diplomat

What Improved Relations With US Would Mean for Bolivia’s Anti-Drug Efforts

Bolivian officials are looking to restore diplomatic ties with the United States, a significant shift that would likely have a major impact on the Andean nation's...
Peru has stepped up coca eradication efforts

Colombia Overtakes Peru As World’s Top Coca Cultivator: UN

Colombia has surpassed Peru in coca cultivation, according to a new United Nations report, and may have reclaimed its title as the world's top cocaine...

Colombia Halts Aerial Coca Fumigation

Colombia's president has ordered an end to controversial aerial fumigations of drug crops with the herbicide glyphosate. However, in some ways, he is arguably...
Colombian police walk through a coca field

Is Colombia Again the World’s Top Cocaine Producer?

Colombia has likely reclaimed its position as the world’s principal cocaine producer, something with profound consequences on the drug trade and the ongoing peace...

UN Drug Control Board Scolds Reform in Latin America

In its most recent report, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) -- responsible for overseeing the implementation of the United Nation’s drug...
A captured drug plane in Peru

Peru Targets Drug Flights With No-Fly Zone

Peru’s government has announced the creation of a no-fly zone in the coca producing VRAEM region, in an effort to curb drug flights in one of South America’s most...
Peru's interior minister listed 124 narco-candidates

Can Peru Rid its Election of Narco-Influence?

The evidence suggests that Peru's upcoming local elections will be strongly influenced by drug trafficking, a phenomenon with a troubling historical precedent --...
Bolivian Interior Minister Jorge Perez

Bolivia Provides Less Than 1% of US Cocaine: Interior Minister

Bolivia's interior minister has stated that Bolivian cocaine makes up less than one percent of the cocaine sold in the United States, a figure that is likely too...
The site of the coca plants in Chiapas, Mexico

Mexico Finds ‘1st Coca Plantation’

Mexico's army announced that it had located the country's first known coca plantation, suggesting that Mexican traffickers could be seeking to produce cocaine at...
A Bolivian drug plane caught in Peru in July

Peru Cocaine Clans Expanding in Bolivia: Police

Bolivia is now reportedly home to at least 20 drug clans from Peru, providing an indication of how the presence of transnational organized crime has grown in the...