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Presidents Donald Trump and Juan Manuel Santos

US Calls to Revive Colombia Coca Fumigation Could Damage Peace Process

US President Donald Trump has apparently called on his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos to lift Colombia's ban on aerially fumigating illegal crops, a...
Police inspect Honduras coca plantation

Are Colombians Spreading the Coca Curse to Honduras?

Officials believe a coca plantation recently discovered in Honduras was set up by Colombians, suggesting a criminal migration that could potentially not only import...

Nariño, Colombia: Ground Zero of the Cocaine Trade

The department of Nariño in southwest Colombia is the main coca-producing area in the country and in the world. It is a place scarred by poverty and years of armed...
Coca eradicators in Bolivia

What Can Bolivia Teach Post-Conflict Colombia about Coca Reduction?

A new report by an advocacy group based in Bolivia details how the Andean nation's failed experiences with forced coca eradication can be used as a lesson for...
Honduran anti-narcotic agents with confiscated coca plants

Coca Plantation ‘Experiment’ in Honduras Raises Eyebrows

Authorities have located coca plantations in Honduras, a sign that the Central American nation could be evolving from its traditional role as a transportation...
DEVIDA President Carmen Masías

Can Peru’s Ambitious Eradication Goal Reduce Coca Crops?

The government of Peru hopes to halve the amount of coca grown in the country by 2021, an ambitious plan that is unlikely to succeed unless a concerted effort...
Colombian military uprooting coca plants

Is Colombia Sacrificing Coca Farmers’ Trust for US Aid Dollars?

Colombia's defense minister divulged new coca eradication figures ahead of a meeting between Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his US counterpart Donald...
Protests by coca growers paralyzes Colombia’s Tumaco municipality

Are Crime Groups Behind Colombia Coca Eradication Protests?

Authorities in Colombia are accusing organized crime groups of fueling protests against coca eradication efforts, but the government may also bear some blame due to...
Colombia's criminal dynamics were a major theme in this week's Facebook Live discussion

Weekly InSight: Colombia’s Criminal Dynamics and Allegations against Honduras Elites

In our March 23 Facebook Live session, Senior Editor Mike LaSusa moderated a discussion with Co-director Jeremy McDermott and Senior Investigator Héctor Silva...
Colombia saw record coca production in 2016

Which Regions of Colombia Are Playing the Biggest Role in the Coca Boom?

InSight Crime takes a closer look at shifts in coca cultivation trends in 19 of Colombia's departments based on the most recent US estimates, shedding light on the...
Coca and cocaine production was a major theme in this week's Facebook Live conversation

Weekly InSight: Facebook Live on Coca Boom, Corruption and Cartels

In our March 16 Facebook Live videocast, InSight Crime Senior Investigators Deborah Bonello and Héctor Silva Ávalos, and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa discussed some...
Peru's latest coca count is higher than last year's

Is Peru’s Cocaine Production Rising Again?

New information on coca crops by Peru's top drug officials suggest that cultivations may be growing for the first time since 2011, and that cocaine production is...