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Negotiations between the Colombian government and coca farmers.

Colombia Strikes Coca Substitution Deal with Protesters

Colombia's government and protesting coca farmers have reached an initial agreement that could provide a starting point for crop substitution measures being...
President Evo Morales at a coca factory

Flour to Be Bolivia’s Next Legal Coca Product?

Coca flour could be the next product used in Bolivia's desperate push to develop a legal market for coca products, following the recommendations of a drug policy...
Infrared aerial photograph shows destruction of primary forest

UN Says Colombia Coca Cultivation Down by 25%

The annual United Nations report on coca cultivation in Colombia shows the number of hectares cultivated has dropped by a quarter, although this does not...
Aerial shot of coca crops in Yungas

Bolivia Reduces Coca Crop for Second Straight Year: UN

Bolivia has reduced coca production for the second straight year, according to a United Nations study, a trend that the UN attributes to government efforts to...