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Bolivia President Evo Morales addresses the G77 summit

Bolivia Uses G77 Post to Put Coca Legalization on International Agenda

As Bolivia assumed the presidency of the United Nations Group of 77 (G-77), President Evo Morales used this opportunity to push his pro-coca agenda, likely hoping...
Devida President Carmen Mesias

Peru Sets Record Coca Eradication Target for 2014

The Peruvian government has set a target of 30,000 hectares of coca crops to be eradicated in 2014, a more than 30 percent increase on the record eradication...
Peruvian police patrol through a coca field

4 Reasons Why Peru Became World’s Top Cocaine Producer

In 2013, the UN confirmed Peru had overtaken Colombia as the world's number one coca and cocaine producer. How could this happen in a relatively peaceful nation...
Bolivian forces eradicate coca

Bolivia Hits Record Coca Eradication As Cocaine Seizures Fall

Bolivia has destroyed 11,407 hectares of coca in 2013, surpassing its previous record by over 300 hectares, indicating that eradication has continued apace despite...
A coca fumigation plane operating in Colombia

Colombia Coca Eradication Drops Amid Rebel Actions

Colombia is set to miss its 2013 coca eradication target by a considerable margin, largely due to actions by FARC guerrillas who target spray planes, leave booby...
Peruvian eradicators in the Upper Huallaga Valley

Peru Breaks Coca Eradication Record

Peru has eradicated a record amount of coca in 2013, surpassing the country's goal for the year of 22,000 hectares, an achievement likely linked both to increased...
Bolivians chewing coca leaves

Stalled Bolivia Coca Report Delivers Moderate Verdict

Bolivia's long-awaited coca use study has found the country needs to cultivate over 14,000 hectares of the crop to satisfy legal demand, a number more than double...
Bolivian opposition politician Juan del Granado

Report Leak Undermines Bolivia’s Legal Coca Policies

An opposition politician says he has seen a long-delayed report on Bolivia's coca cultivation and that it concludes the country needs only 6,000 hectares to...
Funeral of soldier Oscar Gironda Porres

Bolivia Registers 1st Murders of Coca Eradicators

A police officer and a soldier have been killed and others taken hostage in an alleged "ambush" by coca growers in northwest Bolivia thought to have ties with...
Bolivian Director of Coca Industrialization Luis Cutipa

Bolivia Coca Monitoring Chief Accused of Stealing Coca Leaf

The head of Bolivia's coca commercialization agency has been arrested on corruption charges, in a blow to President Evo Morales' campaign to convince the...
Coca eradication in Peru

Peru Now World’s Biggest Coca Cultivator: UN

Peru has overtaken Colombia as the world’s largest coca crop cultivator, reinforcing its position as the world's primary cocaine producer and highlighting the...
Negotiations between the Colombian government and coca farmers.

Colombia Strikes Coca Substitution Deal with Protesters

Colombia's government and protesting coca farmers have reached an initial agreement that could provide a starting point for crop substitution measures being...