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Guatemala Courts at Renewed Risk of Infiltration by Criminal Groups

Just as Guatemala is completing a selection process to appoint judges to two senior courts, an investigation has revealed a familiar scheme involving criminal...

AG Silence Could Signal Difficult Path to Justice in Guatemala

Concern has been mounting since Guatemala’s new attorney general took office two months...

How Ríos Montt Won the War in Guatemala

Former Guatemala dictator and legislator Efraín Ríos Montt is dead, but he left behind a blueprint for how to undermine democracy and create powerful, lasting...
Former Guatemala President Álvaro Arzú

Guatemala’s CICIG Takes on Third President With New Corruption Allegations

Guatemala's anti-impunity body the CICIG has made dramatic new allegations in the case of the so-called "king" of Guatemala's prison system, implicating one of the...
Former Guatemala Interior Minister Mauricio López Bonilla

Weekly InSight: Mauricio López Bonilla, From Guatemala’s Top Cop to US Most Wanted

In our June 29 Facebook Live session, Senior Editor Mike LaSusa and Senior Investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos discussed the case of former Guatemala Interior...
This week's Facebook Live stream tackled prisons

Weekly InSight: Latin America’s Prison Dilemma

In our June 1 Facebook Live, co-directors Steven Dudley and Jeremy McDermott spoke about InSight Crime’s special investigation of prisons and their often...

Reign of the Kaibil: Guatemala’s Prisons Under Byron Lima

Following Guatemala's long and brutal civil war, members of the military were charged, faced trial and sentenced to jail time. Even some members of a powerful elite...
Former Guatemalan Vice President Roxana Baldetti, and former President Otto Pérez Molina

Guatemala Ex-President and VP Still Wield Power From Jail: Report

A recent report has suggested that Guatemala's incarcerated former president and vice president continue to wield power from behind bars over a year after their...

Guatemala’s Mafia State and the Case of Mauricio López Bonilla

Former Guatemalan Interior Minister Mauricio López Bonilla -- a decorated war hero and a longtime US ally -- finds himself treading water amidst a flurry of...
Jorge López Jiménez, c/o elPeriódico

Guatemala President Fires Security Service Chiefs Accused of Spying

The president of Guatemala has fired the two highest-ranking officials in the executive's security service after they were accused of illegal surveillance,...

Reactions, Clarifications, Corrections: Elites, Organized Crime and the CICIG

(*This story was updated September 9.) InSight Crime has received numerous letters following the September 1 publication of its investigation "Elites and Organized...
A crime scene crowded with conspiracy theories. c/o elPeriodico

The Murder of Guatemala’s Prison ‘King’ Byron Lima: A ‘Self-Coup d’etat’? (Part III)

Shortly after Otto Pérez Molina was elected president of Guatemala, Byron Lima Oliva, the once-decorated former army captain, jailed for the murder of a bishop,...