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Alleged Salvadoran Kingpin ‘Chepe Diablo’ Clears Tax Debt

Alleged Texis Cartel founder "Chepe Diablo" has nearly completed paying off his tax evasion debt to the government, and there is still no sign that the Salvadoran...

US Federal Agents Go After Texis Cartel Leader ‘Chepe Diablo’

US investigators are looking into the bank transactions and the origin of the finances of "Chepe Diablo," who was placed on the country's kingpin list earlier this...
Jose Adan Salazar, alias "Chepe Diablo"

El Salvador Moves Against Texis Cartel’s Once Untouchable Leaders

El Salvador's attorney general is taking the Al Capone route to nailing the Texis Cartel by charging the drug trafficking and money laundering group's principal...
Jose Adan Salazar, alias "El Chepe Diablo" (center)

El Salvador Tax Probe Tightens Noose Around Texis Cartel Leader

As part of a tax evasion investigation, El Salvador prosecutors have seized documents and searched properties belonging to Texis Cartel leader "El Chepe Diablo" and...

Net Closing on El Salvador Cartel Leader

Police in El Salvador have rounded up 16 alleged members of the Texis Cartel, in the latest sign that authorities are edging ever closer to cartel kingpin "El Chepe...

Using a Town Councilor to Get to the Texis Cartel

In the Salvadoran town of Metapan one of the country’s most elusive drug trafficking groups, the Texis Cartel, has co-opted local politics. El Faro reports on an...

Texis Cartel

Unlike some Central American gangs that have earned fame for their brutality and their liberal use of violence, the Cartel de Texis has developed a reputation for a...

José Adán Salazar Umaña, alias ‘Chepe Diablo’

José Adán Salazar Umaña, alias "Chepe Diablo," does not fit the normal profile of a criminal leader. As the former president of the first division of Salvadoran...