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Criminals Take Role of State in Central America’s Ungoverned Spaces: US

U.S. officials have warned that in parts of Central America where there is little state presence, criminal groups are stepping up to fill the void and offer...

More Drug War Aid for Central America, But With Security Taxes?

There were plenty of vows of greater cooperation, as well as pledges for cash, at a Central American security conference in Guatemala, but perhaps more important...

US Calls on Central America Elites to Fund Crime Fight

At a Central American security conference in Guatemala, the U.S. pledged a rise in aid, but called on regional elites to pay their share to make the region...

Central America Security Conference Opens in Guatemala

An international conference to discuss security strategy in Central America, attended by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will open Wednesday in Guatemala...

OAS Reaffirms Commitment to Fight Crime

The three-day summit of the Organization of American States (OAS) concluded Tuesday in El Salvador with few concrete results to show, after the assembly debated a...

Obama in El Salvador: Crime at Top of Agenda

President Obama will visit El Salvador today, the third leg of his Latin America tour. It's a stop that could mark a new U.S. awareness of the growing maelstrom of...

Brownfield Announces More Anti-Drug Aid for Central America

• On February 10 State Department official William Brownfield announced that Central America will receive an aid package of $200 million, intended to combat crime...

Central American Nations Seek ‘Plan Central America’

Top State Department official William Brownfield is expected to announce plans for a new, large-scale Central American security strategy in the coming days....