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US Secretary of State, John Kerry

US Continues Shift in Security Priorities With Aid Package to CentrAm

The US State Department has allocated most of its $1 billion request for aid to Central America towards development assistance, a further shift from the US'...
Former Honduran Security Minister Oscar Alvarez

Extradition, Maras and Police: Ex Honduras Minister Looks at the Future

A former security minister of Honduras tells InSight Crime the country is set to begin extraditing criminals, expediting police reform and taking a hard-line...
Honduras' incoming President Juan Orlando Hernandez

Top 3 Security Challenges Facing Honduras’ Next President

As leader of the world's most dangerous nation, Honduras' next president will face a unique set of security challenges. His response to these may determine whether...
US Secretary of State John Kerry

US State Dept 2014 Budget Cuts Aid to Colombia, Mexico

The US State Department budget proposal for 2014 has reduced aid for Colombia and Mexico while increasing funds for Central America, reflecting changes in regional...

Central America Edges Towards Joint Security Strategy

The Central American Integration System's (SICA) annual summits are often heavy on rhetoric and weak when it comes to actual funding or policy commitments. Still,...

US Sets Out Anti-Crime Aid for Honduras, Following Drug Reform Conference

US Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield has announced a package of programs to combat crime and drug trafficking in Honduras, as part of a tour aimed to...

In Crash, Guatemala Loses Third of its Active Helicopter Fleet

The loss of a single helicopter in last week’s deadly crash wiped out a third of Guatemala's active fleet, illustrating the difficulty some Central American...

No New Aid Promises from Biden in Honduras

At a meeting with Central American leaders in Honduras, US Vice President Joe Biden reiterated the Obama administration's pledge to seek $107 million in aid for the...

US Cuts Anti-Drug, Military Aid to Latin America

The US State Department's proposed 2013 budget will reduce military and anti-drug aid to Latin America, including to the traditional largest recipients, Colombia...

Honduras Military Budget Leaves Out Anti-Drug Technology

Hardly any of Honduras' military budget for 2012 will be invested in military or police equipment, according to the Minister of Finance. Instead, the country...

DC Pressure Behind Resignation of El Salvador Security Minister?

El Salvador's President Mauricio Funes denies that he bowed to U.S. pressure and forced Public Security Minister Manuel Melgar to resign, while hardliners in his...

Perez and Ortega’s Political Differences Mask Striking Similarities

Guatemala and Nicaragua elected two former military commanders on November 6, whose vastly different political backgrounds belie their similarities on matters...