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Honduras business behemoth Yani Rosenthal

Honduras Tycoon Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering in US

One of Honduras' most powerful and politically-connected business tycoons, Yani Rosenthal, has pleaded guilty to a money laundering charge in the United States,...
Tropical storm Agatha hit Honduras, in May 2010

Honduras Crime Group Used Natural Disaster to Launder Money

A powerful drug trafficking group in Honduras allegedly used a natural disaster to launder money, showing how far organized crime groups are willing to go to...
Late Honduran tycoon Miguel Facussé

Cachiros Leader Links Late Honduras Tycoon to Drug Trafficking*

Drug traffickers in Honduras used a private airstrip owned by the recently-deceased tycoon Miguel Facussé to smuggle drugs by plane from Venezuela, according to a...
Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández, whose brother Tony was mentioned in recent US court testimony

Another Day, Another Damning Testimony of Elites by Honduras Trafficker

In his continuing testimony to a US court in New York City, a confessed drug trafficker from Honduras implicated the brother of current Honduran President Juan...
The Aguacate airstrip allegedly used by President Zelaya’s brother to traffic drugs

Honduras Ex-Presidents’ Brothers Face Drug Allegations*

Two brothers of two different, former Honduras presidents were implicated by the testimony of a leader of a prominent drug trafficking organization during the US...
Former Honduras President Porfirio Lobo

Contracts Awarded to Honduras Drug Clan Illustrate Cyclical Corruption

Government contracts awarded to businesses run by a powerful drug clan during the administration of former Honduras President Porfirio Lobo, allegedly in...
Former Honduras President Porfirio Lobo

Honduras Narco Testifies Ex-President Took Bribes From Traffickers

One of the leaders of Honduran drug trafficking network the Cachiros has testified in court that he repeatedly bribed former President Porfirio Lobo, adding to the...
Honduras’ Attorney General Óscar Fernando Chinchilla

Honduras Extraditions Expose Judicial System’s Weak Links

Honduras' Attorney General's Office has helped capture some of the country's most powerful criminals and their assets, shaking the country's underworld, but the...
Honduras seizes properties from the Montes Bobadilla clan

In Targeting Powerful Drug Clan, Honduras Follows Familiar Script

Authorities in Honduras have seized properties belonging to a major drug trafficking clan, a move that in the past has precipitated the downfall of some of the...
Leaders of the Cachiros organization

How Drug Trafficking Operates, Corrupts in Central America

While speaking before the US Congress' Central America Caucus on July 6, InSight Crime Co-Director Steven Dudley outlined how drug trafficking organizations on the...

Honduras Elites and Organized Crime: The Cachiros

As it tends to happen in Honduras, the news began as a well-heeled rumor: Javier Rivera Maradiaga, the oldest of the three Rivera Maradiaga brothers still alive and...
Members of Los Tigres, a special forces unit of the Honduran Police

Mysterious ‘AA Brothers’ Captured, Negotiate with DEA in Honduras

Two suspected members of what Honduran authorities are calling the "AA Brothers Cartel" have reportedly surrendered to security forces in a negotiated agreement...