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Judge’s Death Sparks Crackdown on Rio Transport Mafia

The murder of a Brazilian judge by the mafia that runs illegal public transport in a Rio suburb draws attention to the links between death squads, the police, and...

Militias Blamed for Murder of Brazil Judge

The assassination of a Rio de Janeiro criminal judge, known for handling cases against the city's powerful urban militias, has called attention to the threats...

Rio’s Turnaround: The Next Phase

With some of Rio de Janeiro's most crime-ridden favelas under police occupation, the next step is to build solid institutions to make sure the progress sticks,...

Brazil Arrests 14 Police ‘Members of Militia Group’

At least 14 current and former policemen were arrested in Rio de Janeiro in an operation aimed at taking down a militia group, including high ranking officers...

Rio Real: How Firemen, Militias and Politicians Mix in Brazil

Rio's firemen are striking for higher salaries, and many support them. But behind the calls for better pay for heroes may lie a thorny issue about encouraging the...

Rio’s Militias: Fighting Crimes or Committing Them?

A Brazilian militia's invasion of hundreds of government apartments in Rio, which it then sold on, is another sign of how these vigilante groups seem more...

Brazil Cleans Up Police As Well As Slums

Rio de Janeiro has named its first female police chief after a purge of the city's civil force revealed widespread corruption, as the struggle continues to pacify...