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One of the Justice League suspects

Powerful Rio Militia Targeted by Brazil Police

Authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have arrested 21 members of a militia that includes members of the security forces and is run by jailed leaders, another...
Patricia Acioli's car following her murder

Brazil Sentences 3 Military Police for Judge’s Murder

A Brazilian judge gave three military police officers prison sentences of more than 20 years for the 2011 assassination of Rio de Janeiro Judge Patricia Acioli, who...
Civil police in Sao Paulo

Brazil Allows Police to Buy High Caliber Guns

The Brazilian military will now allow police and firefighters to buy powerful .45 caliber guns for personal use, raising fears over how the weapons will be used and...
Police in a Rio de Janeiro barrio

Rio de Janeiro Militia Made $3 Million Per Year

A Rio de Janeiro militia currently under investigation is said to have raised an average of $3 million per year through extortion and other illicit activities, an...
The operation to arrest dozens of Rio military police

Rio Mass Arrest Points to Complex Police-Gang Relations

The arrest of 59 Rio de Janeiro military police officers accused of drug ties, and the sentencing of an officer who confessed to killing a judge, are signs that the...

Is a Police-Gang War Brewing in São Paulo?

The killing of eight people by São Paulo police in the course of one night last weekend could point to a cycle of revenge killings between police and gang members,...

Tracking the Spread of Crack Cocaine in São Paulo and Rio

The market for crack cocaine is booming in Brazil, and may already be bringing in major profits for organized crime in São Paulo and Rio de...

Are Police-Run Militias Spreading Across Brazil?

Warnings that militias made up of police may have been responsible for dozens of murders during recent police strikes in Bahia, north Brazil, draw attention to the...

Killing of Brazil Journalists Prompts Talk of Stricter Law on Death Squads

A top human rights official in Brazil's government said that Congress should push through a bill which makes contract killings a federal crime, after two...

Rio’s South Zone is Liberated, but Not Yet Integrated

Brazil-based blogger Julia Michaels reports on the much-anticipated police take-over of favelas in Rio de Janeiro's South Zone, and an interview with now-captured...

Police Intercept Massive Beer Delivery at Notorious Rio Prison

Despite promising to increase security following a inmate party in September, Brazilian officials are investigating why 2,600 cans of beer were delivered to a Rio...

Brazil Dismantles Military Police-led Contraband Ring

A special task force on public corruption has arrested eight military police accused of participation in a smuggling ring in Matto Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul,...