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The vast majority of murders in Honduras are committed with firearms

Honduras Police Respond to InSight Crime Firearms Trafficking Investigation

As congress debates new legislation regarding firearms, authorities in Honduras have publicly responded to the recent publication of an InSight Crime investigation...
Firearms are used in a large majority of murders in Honduras

Weekly InSight: Special Investigation on Firearms Trafficking in Honduras

In our August 24 Facebook Live session, Co-director Steven Dudley and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa spoke about InSight Crime's new special investigation on firearms...

Firearms Trafficking in Honduras: Introduction and Major Findings

Honduras has one of the highest homicide rates in the world, and some 75 percent of these homicides are committed using guns.[1] The world average is closer to 50...

Counting Firearms in Honduras

Estimates vary widely as to how many legal and illegal weapons are circulating in...

Trafficking Firearms Into Honduras

Honduras does not produce weapons, but weapons are trafficked into the country in numerous...

Trafficking Firearms in Honduras

The weapons trade within Honduras is difficult to monitor. This is largely because the military, the country's sole importer, and the Armory, the sole salesmen of...

Closing the Gaps on Firearms Trafficking in Honduras

As set out in this report, the legal structure around Honduras' arms trade is deeply flawed. The legislation is inconsistent and unclear as to the roles of...
Pistols were the most common weapon seized from crime scenes

New Data Reinforces Link Between Guns, Violence in Latin America

New US government data tracking the international flow of firearms provides additional evidence that guns remain a driving force behind high levels of violence and...
Faouzi Jaber pleaded guilty to US criminal charges on July 25

DEA Agents Posed as FARC to Net International Arms Trafficker

A man from the Ivory Coast has pleaded guilty in a US court to offering support to undercover DEA agents posing as members of Colombia's FARC guerrilla group,...
Police and civilians in Rio de Janeiro

Residents of Rio, Brazil Flee Amid Growing Violence: Report

Residents of Rio de Janeiro are fleeing as rates of lethal violence are increasing, and citizen-led efforts to help people stay out of the crossfire do not address...
José Luis Merino

US Congress Members Request Investigation of El Salvador Official Linked to Organized Crime

Fourteen members of the US Congress, including Democrats and Republicans, signed a letter on June 21 in which they called upon the Treasury Department to open an...
Mexico's gun seizures have considerably dropped under President Peña Nieto

Mexico Losing the Fight Against Illegal Firearms

Press reports have raised the alarm on decreasing gun seizures in Mexico and their possible impact on homicides, but the bigger issue may be the sheer size of...