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In U.S. Arms Trafficking Case, Mexico is Not to Blame

During a press conference announcing the arrest and breakup of a United States-based arms smuggling ring, the U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis K. Burke said, “The...

E-mails: FARC Planned to Buy Illicit Arms from Neighbors

On Saturday, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos released a series of intercepted emails between leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in...

Guatemala to Assess Public Security Near Border After Week of Violence

The mayors of Huehuetenango, a western department in Guatemala known for high levels of drug-related activity, have called on the federal government to increase...

Venezuela to Manufacture Kalashnikov Rifles

In a move that many analysts see as potentially destabilizing for the region, Venezuela will begin to manufacture Kalashnikov rifles with the assistance of Russian...

WikiLeaks: US Worried About Islamic Militants In Tri-border Region

In a cable sent to the US Embassy in Asunción, released by WikiLeaks, US officials outline the "need" to obtain information about Islamic militant activity, its...

Colombia Arms Trafficking Ring Included Ex-Police, Witch

With occasional advice from a "witch," a group of police and military officials sold arms to the FARC's 48th Front, Colombian news media is...

Counter-Arms Trafficking Measures Yield Mixed Results

Lack of inter-agency cooperation is hindering efforts to stem arms trafficking at the U.S-Mexico border, says a 2009 draft report issued by the Justice...

5 Arrested in Jalisco with C-4; Part of New Alliance

Five men, two of them ex-military, carrying explosives, weapons, flak jackets and T-shirts with the letters "MFG" were arrested in Jalisco, El Universal is...


Guatemala's 40-year civil war laid the groundwork for many criminal organizations, including several that spawned from state intelligence and military services....