Alias "Raul" with security team. Source: Caretas

US Indicts Shining Path Rebels as Drug War Focus Shifts to Peru

A US indictment against commanders of Peru's Shining Path guerrilla group is a boost to the Peruvian security forces' campaign for increased US support against the...
Peru has eradicated 16,000 hectares of coca in 2014 so far

Peru On Target for Coca Eradication, But Only Where Shining Path is Absent

Government figures show Peru is on track to meet its 2014 coca eradication goals, but the authorities' focus on central areas at the expense of the VRAEM region...
Peruvian Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano

The Govt Response in Peru VRAEM: Patience or Negligence?

According to the UNODC, the number of hectares of coca cultivated in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia has decreased. Somebody should tell that to the drug traffickers in...
Coca crops in Peru's VRAEM region

Peru’s VRAEM Region: The Home of Miss Coca

Peru has become the biggest cocaine producer and exporter in the world. In the main cultivation region, farmers make their living selling coca leaf with no...
Peru aims to eradicate 30,000 hectares of coca in 2014

Peru Halts Forced Coca Eradication Plans in Face of Shining Path Threat

Peru has slashed its coca eradication goal in the country's main coca growing region and backed away from plans for forced eradication, confirming a dramatic policy...
A civilian self-defense force in the VRAEM

Drug Trafficking, Terrorism, and Civilian Self-Defense in Peru

Peru is poised to become the focal point of global efforts to combat the production and transportation of illegal narcotics in South America. Between 2006 and 2011,...
Movadef heads Alfredo Crespo and Manuel Fajardo

False Shining Path Claims Underline Problems Within Peru Media

A an investigative media outlet in Peru has exposed a Peruvian newspaper for publishing false information regarding ties between the Shining Path rebel group and...
Alfredo Crespo, leader of Movadef

Peru Uncovers Extent of Shining Path Involvement in Political Wing

An investigation into the political wing of Peru's Shining Path has revealed the extensive nature of the imprisoned guerrilla commander Abimael Guzman's involvement...
The Shining Path remain active in the VRAEM region

Wave of Shining Path Attacks Sparks Fears of New Offensive in Peru

The Shining Path guerrillas in Peru have broken months of calm with a series of attacks against military targets, in what could be the beginning of a resurgence or...