Though Peru Destroys Trafficking Airstrips, Shining Path Still Profits

The Peruvian military has stepped up its efforts to destroy remote airstrips used for drug trafficking in a key rebel area, but the offensive has had little effect...

US Blacklists Peru’s Shining Path for Drug Trafficking

The US Treasury Department has designated Peru's Shining Path guerrilla group as a significant foreign narcotics trafficker, citing the group's involvement in...
Shining Path guerrillas

Peru’s Shining Path Allied with Colombian Drug Traffickers: Report

Phone taps have reportedly revealed an alliance between the Shining Path guerrillas and a Colombian drug trafficking organization in Peru's principal coca-growing...
Recently freed kidnapping victim Daniel Rebagliati

Sophisticated Argentina Kidnapping Gang Allegedly Includes Fmr Shining Path Guerrillas

Investigators in Argentina believe police officers and former members of Peru's Shining Path guerrillas are behind the recent kidnapping of a wealthy businessman,...
A helicopter shot down in 2009 in the VRAEM

The Metrics of War: Peru’s Guerrilla Conflict

IDL-Reporteros looks at the casualties suffered during Peru's guerrilla conflict in the so-called VRAEM region over a 30-year period, highlighting changing...
Alleged Peru drug trafficker Filemon Huillcayaure

Peru Dismantles Major Precursor Chemical Trafficking Group

In a double blow that's indicative of how the drug trade works in Peru's primary coca-growing region, authorities have disbanded what they say was a major crime...
Peru's Shining Path guerrilla group

A Glimpse into the Tactics of Peru’s Shining Path Guerrillas

A tactical manual attributed to Peru's Shining Path guerrilla group sets out tighter security protocols and calls for targeted attacks on their critics, in what is...
Airstrip destroyed  by Peruvian security forces

24-Hour Turnaround to Rebuild Peru’s Narco-Airstrips

With the help of locals, drug trafficking groups in Peru's VRAEM have rebuilt more than a quarter of the clandestine airstrips destroyed by security forces in 2014,...
Weapons seized from the Shining Path in June

Peru’s Shining Path Rebels Video Shows New Blood, Weapons

Peru's Shining Path rebel movement has released a video showing its fighters, several very young, parading with an impressive arsenal, as the group seeks to show it...