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Has the threat of "narco-terrorism" in Latin America been inflated?

Weekly InSight: Narco-Terrorism in Latin America, How Real Is the Threat?

In our August 10 Facebook Live session, Senior Editor Mike LaSusa spoke with Simon Fraser University Research Associate Benoît Gomis about the myths and realities...
David Bazán Arévalo, mayor of Tocache, Peru

Peru Mayor’s Arrest Reveals Ties to Drug Trafficking and Terrorism

On July 26, Peru's counternarcotics police arrested David Bazán Arévalo, the mayor of Tocache, on charges of financing and supplying weapons of war to a...
Helicopters deployed for an antinarcotic operation in the VRAEM

Peru Anti-Crime Operations Show Drug Trade’s Resilience in VRAEM

A large cocaine seizure in a dismantled clandestine lab and repeated ambushes against security forces point to persistent criminal activity in Peru's main...
Shining Path guerrillas killed three policemen on March 18

Recent Attack on Peru Police Shows Shining Path Still Strong

Guerrillas of Peru's Shining Path rebels recently killed three policemen in the country's main coca-producing region, a sign that the group intends to defend its...
Members of the Peruvian army.

Unpaid Peru Informants Show Issues With Compensation Programs

A group of civilian informants in Peru says the government failed to pay them the reward promised for providing information that led to a successful operation...
Peruvian soldiers destroying coca crops in the VRAEM region.

Peru Renews Military Operations in VRAEM Coca Hub

Peru's government will once again implement a militarized security strategy for the coca-producing VRAEM region, a policy which could lead to increased...
A group of Shining Path rebels

Peru’s Shining Path is Making a Comeback, Analyst Says

A politician in Peru is urging that the security forces be deployed to "stateless" drug transit areas where one analyst says Shining Path guerrillas are making...

Peru’s Coca Hub is a ‘Time Bomb’: Drug Policy Specialist

Security specialist Rubén Vargas called Peru's biggest coca hub a "time bomb" while discussing the failings of the outgoing administration's anti-drug policies and...
Shining Path leader alias 'Antonio' was the target

Peru: The Shining Path Ambush that Backfired

Peru's security forces had what seemed like the perfect plan to ambush a faction of the Shining Path guerrillas on their home turf. But things didn't play out as...