Peru authorities burn an illegal mining site

After Massive Police Op, What’s Next in Fight Against Illegal Gold?

In a massive operation, more than 2,000 police officers destroyed dozens of illegal mining camps in the heart of the country's mining area. Still, it's not clear...
Rapid urbanization fuels land trafficking in Lima, Peru

How Urbanization and Land Trafficking Go Hand-in-Hand in Peru

The latest revelations about land trafficking in Peru show how unchecked urban sprawl can foster criminal enterprises that operate with official...
Carlos MacDowell Villacorta

Peru Police Port Operation Shows Drug Trade Power Dynamics

A massive police operation in Peru's principal drug port, Callao, has shed light on the workings of local cocaine trafficking networks and how they relate to the...
Mayoral Delegate Yhosbel García Buasbek

Peru Political Leader Headed Violent Land Trafficking Group: Officials

The arrest in Peru of a mayoral delegate and dozens of his suspected accomplices for running a violent land trafficking scheme highlights how decentralizing...
Peruvian police capture alleged extortionists

Organized Crime Bounces Back in Extortion-Plagued North Peru

Extortion mafias in north Peru have regrouped and restructured after operations to dismantle them late last year, illustrating a pattern of recycled criminality...
Over 470 kilograms of cocaine were found in a cotton cargo

Peru Crime Groups Using ‘Ant Plan’ to Traffic Cocaine: Authorities

A recent cocaine seizure in Peru has shown that organized crime groups have begun to follow new drug routes and smuggling strategies in an effort to outsmart...
DEVIDA President Carmen Masías

Can Peru’s Ambitious Eradication Goal Reduce Coca Crops?

The government of Peru hopes to halve the amount of coca grown in the country by 2021, an ambitious plan that is unlikely to succeed unless a concerted effort...
Satellite photos showing deforestation caused by illegal mining in Peru

Peru Authorities Struggle to Combat Illegal Mining as Deforestation Continues

Peru has lost hundreds of hectares of rainforests to illegal mining in recent months, a reminder of the environmental damage caused by the illegal practice and the...
An illegal mine in Peru's Madre de Dios department

Peru-US Gold Case Shows How Importer Shifted Gears

The case of a gold importer who raked in billions of dollars from illegal mines allegedly run by South American crime groups shows how the importer, when faced with...