A police officer inspecting a cell in La Joyita, Panama

Video of Armed Inmates Shows Conditions in Panama Prisons

A video recorded in a Panama prison showing inmates holding weapons casts new doubts on the state of the country's prison...
Panama hunts down helicopter owned by former president’s son

Panama Says Region-wide Hunt for Martinelli Helicopter is Over

After a multi-country hunt across Central America, authorities grounded a helicopter owned by former President Ricardo Martinelli's son and linked to a money...
Colombian cocaine seized in the Caribbean

US Report Shows Revitalized Central America Cocaine Corridor

The US State Department named seven Central American countries as havens for laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking and organized crime, and described the...
The State Department and USAID manage most of CARSI's funding

Are US Anti-Crime Programs in Central America Working?

Over the past several years, the United States has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on crime and violence prevention programs in Central America, with few...
Honduras' IHSS case may now have links to Panama and the US.

Money Laundering Links Honduras, Panama and US

Two Honduran executives allegedly used a Panamanian business and a US bank to pay $2.5 million in bribes, suggesting that banks based in Panama and the United...
Local gangs in Costa Rica and Panama stepped up in 2016

GameChangers 2016: Gang Evolution in Central America’s Southern Gateway

When it comes to Central America, all eyes are usually on the Northern Triangle. But 2016 saw local organized crime in Costa Rica and Panama -- traditionally oases...
Seized drugs in Panama

Panama’s Record Drug Seizures Reflect Colombia’s Cocaine Boom

Authorities in Panama say they have seized more drugs in 2016 than in any other year since 2000, and soaring cocaine production in neighboring Colombia may be the...
Much of Panama's illegal mining occurs in remote areas

Which Colombia Crime Groups Run Illegal Mining in Panama?

Panama's forest areas are seeing a growth in illegal mining, raising the question of which criminal organizations are behind these...

FARC 57th Front in Panama

The FARC's 57th Front is active along the Colombia-Panama border, where it has long used the dense strip of jungle known as the Darién Gap to traffic drugs into...