Costa Rica and Nicaragua’s bilateral meeting against organized crime

Costa Rica, Nicaragua Join Efforts to Combat Organized Crime

A high level meeting between officials in Costa Rica and Nicaragua is expected to lead to greater cooperation on tackling several facets of organized crime, an...
Carmona holding his fake Nicaraguan ID in 2009

Major Colombian Drug Trafficker Detained in Nicaragua

Nicaragua's authorities have detained Amauri Carmona Morelos, putting an end to the criminal career of one of the most prominent drug traffickers operating in the...
Authorities investigate the scene of a cargo robbery

Cargo Robberies in Northern Triangle Hamper Regional Commerce

Criminal groups are stealing commercial shipments transiting Central America's Northern Triangle, illustrating how insecurity in the region is negatively impacting...
Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega after casting his vote

Will Ortega’s Grip on Nicaragua Politics Open Door to More Corruption?

Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega has been re-elected to a fourth term in office in a landslide victory. But as his inner circle tightens its hold on power,...
Police officers in Nicaragua

Why Is Nicaragua 7 Times Less Violent Than Honduras?

A newspaper in violence-plagued Honduras investigated why Nicaragua enjoyed a much lower homicide rate and credited its neighbor's relatively professional and...

Elites and Organized Crime: Methodology

This study focuses on four countries: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia. Each presents different challenges and opportunities for research, and makes its...

Elites and Organized Crime: Introduction

Organized crime and the violence associated with it is the preeminent problem in Latin America and the Caribbean today. The region is currently home to six of the...

Elites and Organized Crime: Conceptual Framework – Organized Crime

This project defines organized crime as: a structured group of people that associate on a regular and prolonged basis to benefit from illicit activities and illegal...

Elites and Organized Crime: Conceptual Framework – Elites

This InSight Crime project defines elites as: specific groups of people with a privileged position that allows them to control, direct or greatly influence the...