Elites and Organized Crime: Conceptual Framework – Elites

This InSight Crime project defines elites as: specific groups of people with a privileged position that allows them to control, direct or greatly influence the...

Elites and Organized Crime: Preface

Organized crime is not an abstract concept for me. I grew up in Oak Park, a leafy suburb of Chicago with a population of about 60,000. In general, it was a very low...
Nicaragua's prisons are severely overcrowded

Nicaragua Releases 8,000 Inmates from Overcrowded Prisons

Nicaragua has reportedly released the equivalent of 80 percent of its prison population over the last two years in a controversial measure to ease overcrowding that...
Head of the Tarzanes, Agustin Reyes Aragon

Head of Nicaragua Drug Trafficking Ring Sentenced in Costa Rica

A court in Costa Rica has sentenced the head of Nicaragua drug trafficking group the Tarzanes, a reflection of the criminal organization's operational presence...
A commemorative event for slain Nicaraguan police

Nicaragua Govt Says Police were Ambushed, Killed

Five police officers were killed in a notorious drug trafficking hub in Nicaragua, an unusual outbreak of violence in one of Central America's most peaceful...

US and Central America’s Top Law Enforcement Officials Meet

Top law enforcement officials from seven Central American countries met with the US Attorney General to discuss rising violence, drug-trafficking, and organized...
Investigators survey the scene of the shooting

Nicaragua Police Under Fire After Massacre of Family

Anti-narcotics police in Nicaragua mistakenly massacred a family then allegedly tried to cover it up, sparking a backlash against a force that has previously been...
Ulises Sarmiento points at bullet holes in his house after 2009 attack

Arrest, and Release, in Nicaragua Illustrates Confusion About Honduras

The arrest, and quick release, in Nicaragua of a Honduran opposition political figure with suspected criminal links illustrates the complex overlap between politics...
Demands to combat illegal cattle trafficking in Nicaragua are growing

Cattle Rustling A Growing Concern in Nicaragua

Nicaragua's government is facing growing calls to combat illegal livestock trafficking, an activity that frequently goes hand in hand with other types of organized...