Soldiers Dig Up 10 from Mass Grave in Durango, North Mexico

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The army found a clandestine burial site containing the bodies of 10 people in Durango, northern Mexico, bringing the number of corpses found in mass graves in the state to 287 this year.

The bodies were discovered buried a field on the edge of Durango, capital city of the state, reports the Associated Press.

The federal government says that most of the bodies disposed of in this way in the state are victims of clashes between criminal groups. The first was discovered in April this year, and Vanguardia reports that Durango is the state with the highest number of dead found in clandestine graves, surpassing Tamaulipas, where a large number were found after passengers were removed from buses and slaughtered this year.

As InSight Crime noted in May, some analysts said that the dead were the result of clashes between Los M and other factions allied to the Sinaloa Cartel. The state has also been the site, however, of conflict between Sinaloa and the Zetas.

More than 1,230 bodies have been found in clandestine graves in Mexico since 2007, according to government figures, with the numbers increasing each year.

See InSight Crime’s map of “narco-graves” in Mexico.

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