Peru Captures 2 Alleged Shining Path Guerrillas

Peru’s police captured two suspected members of the Shining Path guerrilla group in separate operations carried out in Lima and the central Huanuco region.

The counter-terrorist branch of the National Police (DIRCOTE) arrested Giovanni Castillo, an alleged “close confidant” of “Comrade Artemio,” the leader of one branch of the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso).

Castillo was detained on terrorism charges in Aucayacu, a small town in Huanuco province, central Peru. He is accused of collecting extortion payments in order to purchase food, clothing and munitions for the Shining Path.

In another DIRCOTE operation carried out in Lima, police arrested Felipe Maiz. Wanted by authorities since 1999, when a warrant was issued for his arrest on terrorism charges, Maiz had been living under an assumed name while allegedly carrying out propaganda operations and directing the Shining Path’s “escuelas populares,” or popular schools, which the Maoist insurgent group uses to impart its ideology.