Paraguay Plans Pay Hike for Security Forces, Amid Corruption Scandals

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Paraguay is on the verge of approving a pay rise of up to 40 percent for police and members of the military, a move which may prove useful in the country’s fight against corruption and organized crime.

As ABC Digital reports, both houses of the Paraguayan Congress have passed a bill to grant a pay rise to the police and military. If signed into law as expected, the bill would provide a 15 to 40 percent pay increase for members of the security forces, based on seniority and position, starting in 2012.

According to Interior Minister Carlos Filizzola, the pay hike was long overdue. “Police officers will now receive just compensation, despite the fact that they haven’t seen an adjustment in pay or substantial raise in 10 years,” said Filizzola. The rise in salaries is intended to reduce the incentive for officers to accept bribes or get involved in crime.

Corruption in the security forces is a serious problem for Paraguay, as illustrated by the recent arrest of two police officers for their involvement in a robbery, and accusations that the marines fired on Brazilian police to protect smugglers.

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