Mexico Sends Army Reinforcements to Tamaulipas

Mexico‘s federal government has sent 500 extra soldiers to Tamaulipas to reinforce security in the crime-ridden border state, where the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel are engaged in violent clashes over drug trafficking territory.

National Security Spokesman Alejandro Poire said that the measure was taken as part of an agreement with the border state, and would be valid for one year. He explained that Tamaulipas would carry out a corresponding clean-up of its police forces.

The move will bring the total number of soldiers in the state to 3,700, reports El Universal.

In recent weeks Tamaulipas authorites have discovered dozens of bodies in mass graves, apparently the victims of drug violence.

The deployment of the Mexican army to boost security has been controversial, with some accusing them of abuses. There is research suggesting that violence rates actually surge in areas where the military are stationed.