Mexico Army Finds Underground Drug Lab in Sinaloa

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Soldiers discovered the second subterranean methamphetamine production laboratory in the west Mexico state of Sinaloa in less than a month.

The lab was discovered when soldiers carrying out an inspection of an area in the municipality of Elota, some 100 km south of state capital Culiacan.

The soldiers found military style trousers, along with containers for chemicals, scattered around on the ground about a kilometer from a ranch, which led them to discover a hidden trap door, according to reports. It led to a metal structure located some 10 meters underground, which was 10 meters wide by 12 meters long.

Like the previous find, which was discovered close to Culiacan in late June, this lab had two levels, an elevator, and ventilation systems.

The facility had three chemical reactors, with capacities of between 800 kg and 3,000 kg.

The latest discovery comes only days after Mexican authorities made their biggest seizure yet of meth precursor chemicals, indicating the importance of the drug to that countries trafficking organizations.

(See a video report on the meth lab below.)

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