Mexico Governor Bodyguards Murdered

The dismembered corpses of two bodyguards who worked for Nuevo Leon’s governor were discovered in Monterrey, north Mexico, with a message accusing the dead men of working with the Zetas drug gang.

The mutilated remains were discovered Wednesday, in the middle of a busy street outside a local supermarket (see photo).

They were accompanied by a warning message to the governor:

For Governor Rodrigo Medina, here are two of your guards, who are very good at taking money from the “Z” company [the Zetas]. You just arrived but forget whether you’re always going to be in power, soon your six years will be up. Lets see where the hell you can hide.

As InSight has reported, Nuevo Leon is suffering increased violence due to the rivalry between the Zetas and Gulf cartel. On the same day the bodyguards’ bodies were discovered, 31 other murders linked with organized crime also took place in Monterrey.

Governor Medina remained defiant. “No message, no threat will stop us from achieving a safe Nuevo Leon,” he told reporters.