Honduras to Put Captured Narco-Sub on Display

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The Honduran Armed Forces announced plans to display a drug-smuggling submarine, raised from the seabed after being sunk by its occupants, as a “trophy of war” against the drug trade.

General Rene Osorio told press that the vessel would be put on show on a military base in Tegucigalpa, reported La Tribuna.

The semi-submersible is the first to be caught by Honduras, after being intercepted off the Mosquito coast, close to the Nicaraguan border, on July 13. The crew members scuttled the vessel, and authorities weren’t able to locate it until late July, when they managed to recover some 6.6 tons of cocaine stored within.

Over the weekend the craft was finally brought to the surface. Osorio said that they would continue to look for the motor and the GPS systems, in order to find out where the vessel had come from and where it was going.

Defense Minister Marlon Pascua said that the semi-submersible had “pretty expensive” equipment, including an eight-cylinder engine, reported EFE.

Honduras has become an increasingly important transit point for drugs, with some 87 percent of all cocaine transported into the U.S. from South America passing through the Central American country on the way.

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