Guatemala Arrests Pseudoephedrine Smugglers

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  • Guatemalan authorities detained two men (one of whom is shown in the photo) who they said were trafficking pseudoephedrine for the Familia Michoacana, El Milenio newspaper reported.
  • Five Colombians and a Costa Rican were arrested as part of a sting that Costa Rican authorities said distmantled a drug operation that used fishing vessels to move cocaine from Costa Rica to Guatemala and Mexico, the Associated Press reported.
  • Mexicans in the violence-ridden state of Guerrero state voted yesterday for governor amidst accusations that at least one of the candidates took money from drug traffickers, the Associated Press reported.
  • Mexico extradited Oscar Orlando Nava Valencia, alias “El Lobo,” to face trial in the Southern District of Texas, El Economista reported. Orlando was the head of the Milenio Cartel, which operated from the Michoacan state before the Zetas and the Familia Michoacan replaced it.
  • The extradition comes just a day after alleged members of the Milenio Cartel, along with their partners in the Gulf Cartel and the Familia Michoacana, hung several “narcomantas,” or banners, in Guadalajara threatening to “burn” the state of Jalisco if the government did not cease action against them and comence action against a rival group calling itself the “Nuevo Cartel de Jalisco,” El Proceso reported.
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