El Salvador Police Boss Seeks Return after ‘Drug Ties’

A former head of El Salvador’s anti-drug police has asked to be reinstated to the force after a two year suspension, following an investigation into his alleged drug ties.

Godofredo Miranda headed the Narcotics Division of the Salvadoran Police (PNC) until December 2008, when two of his subordinates were found to be connected to the Perrones drug gang, and Miranda was transferred to head the police division in the region of Chalatenango.

In June 2009 U.S. congressman James McGovern sent a letter to President Mauricio Funes asking that Miranda be investigated for various matters, including the alleged suppression of evidence in a case against the Perrones, and the alleged cover-up of the rape and murder of Miranda’s niece, Katya Miranda.

The police chief was suspended without pay, but has never been charged with a crime.

He is now asking to be reinstated to the police force, and to receive the two years’ worth of lost pay.