Calderon Calls on Mexico to Back Drug War

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon appealed to the population to keep supporting his war against the drug cartels, on the day before a march for peace is due to begin, reports the BBC.

The country appears to be growing increasingly tired of the wave of violence that has accompanied Calderon’s crackdown against drug-trafficking organizations. As InSight has documented, the policy of going after major kingpins has resulted in more violence as groups are left leaderless and battle amongst themselves for control of smaller pieces of territory.

The president told listeners that withdrawal from the struggle against drug organizations was not an option, “On the contrary, we must redouble our efforts because if we stop fighting they will kidnap, rob and kill all over the country.”

A group called No Mas Sangre (No More Blood) will begin a silent march, starting in cities around Mexico, that will arrive in Mexico City on May 8. The rally is intended to call for an end to drug violence.