32 Tons of Marijuana Seized in New ‘Narco-Tunnel’ Discovery

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The U.S. Border Patrol seized 32 tons of marijuana and arrested six people in connection with the discovery of the most sophisticated narco-tunnel ever found, which runs between Tijuana and San Diego.

The tunnel spans the border between the Tijuana airport and a San Diego industrial area and is the second to be found in as many weeks, reports the Washington Post.

The marijuana seizure ranks among the largest in U.S. history: 17 tons discovered in a warehouse within the industrial park, 11 found in a truck near Los Angeles and four tons that had not yet been smuggled across the border.

The narco-tunnel was engineered with lighting, ventilation, electric rail cars and an elevator, like others discovered this year in California and Arizona. Drug enforcement agents explain that the narco-tunnels provide an efficient way to move massive amounts of marijuana produced after Mexico’s fall harvest into the U.S. market before the traditional Christmas “break” from drug smuggling.

Authorities seized 17 tons of marijuana from another Tijuana-San Diego tunnel in mid-November.

See video report by the Telegraph, below.

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