Weekly InSight: The Story Behind the Finalists for Attorney General in Guatemala

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In our April 19 Facebook Live session, Investigator Felipe Puerta and Managing Editor Josefina Salomón discussed the selection process for Guatemala’s attorney general, now poised for its final stage.

On April 16, the postulation commission for the attorney general of Guatemala selected the six candidates it has now presented to President Jimmy Morales.

However, national and international organizations have been scrutinizing the process due to a series of accusations of graft and conflict of interest.

A recent InSight Crime investigation questioned the legitimacy of the universities behind the 12 deans who make up the postulation commission.

During their conversation, Puerta and Salomón analyzed the selection process so far, the patterns emerging in the final list of candidates and the challenges the new attorney general will face in a nation with high levels of corruption allegations that reach the very president who will make the final selection.

Watch the full video of the Facebook Live discussion (in Spanish) below:

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