Interview: Anabel Hernandez, author of ‘Señores del Narco’

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The hottest book in Mexico this Christmas season is called ‘Los Señores del Narco’ (loosely translated, ‘The Drug Traffickers’). Using testimonies and official reports gathered during a five-year investigation, the book describes in painstaking detail the process by which Mexico became the epicenter of the megacartels in Latin America and by extension, one of the most violent places on the planet.

InSight Crime brings you a video of an interview with the author, by Carmen Aristegui of MVS news.

Hernandez was a journalist at Proceso magazine, among others, which published a chapter of the book already. She reports now for ReporteIndigo, an internet source, vital for those wanting to see a critical view of the government’s policies, among other subjects.  

Hernandez’s thesis, found in minute 7:10 of the interview is as follows:

“These guys (the drug traffickers) would not be anything, they wouldn’t have a single cent without the complicity of the bankers, without the support of the businessmen, without the support of public officials, without the support of the police, without the public security officials, military and the presidential (palace).” 

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