A narco-caravan in Mexico prepares for battle

New Video Appears of Hit Squad in Mine-Rich Mexico Region

A new video of a caravan of hitmen in northern Mexican offers a rare view of the fighting forces of Mexico’s criminal organizations, and may reflect the ongoing...
Alleged head of the Juarez Cartel, “El Chuyin”

Mexico Captures Alleged Head of Once Mighty Juarez Cartel

Authorities have captured the alleged head of the Juarez Cartel, once one of Mexico's most powerful drug trafficking organizations that has since declined into a...

Mexico’s Violent Juarez Cartel Capo, Almost a King, Now a Prisoner

Authorities in Mexico have captured the legendary Juarez Cartel leader Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, alias "Viceroy," who may be best remembered for presiding over the...
Juarez Cartel chief Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, alias "El Viceroy."

Reported Narco-Summit Could Herald Upheaval for Mexico Underworld

The leaders of some of Mexico's principal drug cartels recently staged a narco-summit to reconfigure the criminal landscape, according to reports in local media,...
A displaced family living in makeshift housing in Sinaloa

Mexico’s Internally Displaced An Invisible Problem: Report

Hundreds of thousands of people in Mexico have been internally displaced due to violence perpetrated by organized crime groups but the majority have yet to receive...
The war for Juarez cost thousands of lives

Did the US Help Sinaloa Cartel Win Turf War?

A prominent news site has released information suggesting US officials allowed informants from Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel to continue trafficking drugs during a turf...
Jamie Gonzalez

Tales From Mexico’s Embattled Media: Part II

Northern Mexico is home to the three most dangerous states in the country for journalists to ply their trade in. The story of Jaime Gonzalez -- the first journalist...
The 'Matazetas,' a product of criminal fragmentation

The Current State of Mexico’s Many Drug Cartels

It is tempting to separate Mexico's drug cartels into six hierarchical groups, each competing for trafficking turf. The reality, however, is that the Sinaloa...
Mexico-bound cocaine shipment seized in Panama

4 of Mexico’s Cartels Operate in Panama: Officials

Panama's intelligence sources have identified four major Mexican cartels operating in that country, another sign of the widening reach of Mexico's criminals across...