Yankel Rosenthal, president of Marathon soccer club

US Arrests Yankel Rosenthal, President of Honduras Soccer Club

United States authorities arrested Yankel Rosenthal, a former government minister and president of the Honduras soccer club Marathon, which is owned by one of...

‘Drug Trafficking Down 72% in Honduras’

According to an unidentified source in the Honduran security forces, drug trafficking has dropped significantly in Honduras thanks to military and intelligence...
Luis Alonso Valle Valle

Organized Crime Turmoil in Honduras Extends to Politics

After years of relative stability, the agreements that once governed Honduras' criminal underworld are reportedly falling apart, a development that would have no...
Fabio Lobo Lobo, the son of former Honduras president Porfirio Lobo

Son of Honduras Ex-President Arrested for Drug Trafficking

The son of former President Porfirio Lobo Sosa of Honduras was captured in an anti-drug operation in Haiti, a turn of events that may make other Honduran political...
The scene of the double murder in Honduras

Murder of Two Political Elites Shakes Honduras

The cold-blooded double murder of a congressman and his father, himself a former high-court judge and aspiring president, has sent another round of shivers through...
Alleged Cachiros head Javier Maradiaga, alias "Javier Cachiro"

Alleged Head of Honduras Drug Cartel in US Custody

The alleged leader of one of Honduras' largest drug trafficking groups, the Cachiros, is in US custody, which may spell trouble for some high-level Honduran...
Luis Alonso (left) and Miguel Arnulfo (right) Valle Valle

Completing Chapter, Honduras Extradites Valle Brothers to US

Two leaders of the notorious Valle Valle family now find themselves in US custody, extradited from Honduras a little over two months after their capture. The...
The two Valle Valle brothers captured October 5

Nearly Half of the Honduras Traffickers Wanted by US Now in Custody

Eight of the 19 Honduran drug traffickers wanted by the United States have now been captured, a significant advance for a country so afflicted by drug violence and...
Accused Honduran drug trafficker Digna Valle

An Arrest in Florida Could Mean Trouble in Honduras

The recent arrest of a member of an alleged Honduran drug trafficking family in Florida is another subtle sign that there is a changing of the guard happening in...