The Mysterious Capture and Extradition of Guatemala’s ‘Ché Manuel’

Authorities identified him as one of the main drug traffickers in the department of Chiquimula, a trafficking corridor of large amounts of cocaine...

Gang Members, Guards Accused in Guatemala Prison Director’s Murder

Authorities in Guatemala have accused several prison guards of conspiring with alleged gang members to murder a prison director, a reminder of how widespread...

Guatemala’s ‘Ghost’ Sentenced in US With Plea Deal That Could Spook Elites

One of Guatemala’s most notorious drug traffickers has been sentenced to more than two decades in a US prison. And his agreement to...
Guatemala's Supreme Court

Judicial Delay Tactics Gumming Up Guatemala Criminal Cases: Report

A new report details how defense attorneys in Guatemala are capitalizing on the slow pace of judicial proceedings to derail the progress of high-profile corruption...
Guatemala police arresting suspects in municipal corruption case

Guatemala Arrests, Charges Local Officials for Embezzlement

Guatemala prosecutors arrested a group of local officials who they say carried out a popular and juicy embezzlement scheme: the illegal attribution of government...
US officials threaten sanctions as Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales retains his immunity

US Sanctions Loom as Battle Over Guatemala Anti-Graft Efforts Continues

Members of the US Congress have called for sanctions to be implemented against individuals involved in acts of corruption in Guatemala, where a long-running battle...
A welcome sign in Ipala, Guatemala featuring Mayor Esduin Javier, aka "Tres Kiebres"

Weekly InSight: Guatemala Mayor ‘Tres Kiebres’ – The Art of Being ‘3 Times Broken’

In our October 11 Facebook Live session, co-director Steven Dudley and senior editor Mike LaSusa spoke about InSight Crime's new investigation of the complicated...

Guatemala Mayor ‘Tres Kiebres’: The Art of Being ‘3 Times Broken’

The atmosphere was light, almost jovial, as Ipala's Mayor Esduin Javier turned to the next item on the agenda. The issue was what the people at the municipality's...
Former Guatemala President Álvaro Arzú

Guatemala’s CICIG Takes on Third President with New Corruption Allegations

Guatemala's anti-impunity body the CICIG has made dramatic new allegations in the case of the so-called "king" of Guatemala's prison system, implicating one of the...