The Heredia Jaguars' stadium in Peten

How a Good Soccer Team Gives Criminals Space to Operate

Local soccer teams give criminal groups in the Northern Triangle countries of Central America the ability to launder proceeds, evade taxes, and accumulate enough...
Jose Adan Salazar (right) with his lawyer

US Turns Sights on Evasive El Salvador Cartel Leader

The US has added prominent El Salvador businessman and Texis Cartel founder "Chepe Diablo" to its "Kingpin List," a move that may further erode the aura of immunity...
Jose Adan Salazar, alias "Chepe Diablo"

El Salvador Moves Against Texis Cartel’s Once Untouchable Leaders

El Salvador's attorney general is taking the Al Capone route to nailing the Texis Cartel by charging the drug trafficking and money laundering group's principal...
Jorge Ernesto Ulloa Sibrian, alias "Repollo"

El Salvador Confession Reveals Drug Kingpin’s Fruit Vendor Origins

El Salvador authorities disclosed new details about the rise of a drug boss accused of moving 10 tons of cocaine into the United States, in a case highlighting the...
Jose Adan Salazar, alias "El Chepe Diablo" (center)

El Salvador Tax Probe Tightens Noose Around Texis Cartel Leader

As part of a tax evasion investigation, El Salvador prosecutors have seized documents and searched properties belonging to Texis Cartel leader "El Chepe Diablo" and...
Arrested members of the network

Bust Highlights El Salvador, Guatemala Criminal Cooperation

Authorities in Central America have dismantled a drug trafficking organization the stretched between Guatemala and El Salvador and was responsible for drugs...

The Fixer and El Salvador’s Missed Opportunity

In the photograph, they are both smiling. In the foreground, on the left hand side, a man in a short-sleeved buttoned white shirt, jeans and a metal watch, holds a...
Jesus Sanabria Zamora was sentenced to 14 years

Texis Cartel Conviction Strikes Blow Against Impunity in El Salvador

Eight drug traffickers with links to the Texis Cartel have been convicted after months of their case being pushed around El Salvador's justice system, in the first...
Texis Cartel tied businessman Leonel Sandoval

El Salvador Businessman’s Release Points to Texis Cartel Impunity

A Salvadoran businessmen with links to the Texis Cartel has once again escaped punishment after his possession of illegal arms case was dismissed on a legal...