Accused Texis Cartel Boss Claims Group ‘Doesn’t Exist’

Roberto “El Burro” Herrera, one of three alleged founders of the Texis Cartel, is being retried for the 2012 theft of a Toyota Yaris, in another indication that...
Alleged Texis Cartel member Leonel Sandoval

Alleged Texis Cartel Member Convicted, But Not for Drug Trafficking

An El Salvador court has finally convicted a businessman linked to criminal network the Texis Cartel on arms charges, but authorities appear no closer to the...
Salvadoran drug trafficker "Repollo" (right)

Powerful El Salvador Kingpin ‘Repollo’ Gets 77 Years

The well-connected Salvadoran drug trafficker alias "Repollo" has been sentenced to 77 years in prison, following a trial that exposed a wide-ranging Central...
Roberto Antonio Herrera Hernandez, alias "El Burro"

Alleged Drug Kingpin Absolved of Car Theft in El Salvador

An alleged leader of the organized crime group Texis Cartel was found not guilty on charges of running a car theft ring, highlighting El Salvador's weakness in the...
Jose Adan Salazar Umaña (right)

The Stalled Money Laundering Case against El Salvador’s ‘Chepe Diablo’

The financial records and bank accounts of Texis Cartel leader Jose Adan Salazar Umaña are full of holes, according to audits linked to a tax evasion probe...
Rep. Wilver Rivera, accused of planning hit (left)

Did Narco-Linked El Salvador Congressman Plan Hit on Top Prosecutor?

El Salvador's attorney general has accused a congressman of plotting his murder, adding a new twist to an ongoing case that has exposed alleged close ties between...

Alleged Salvadoran Kingpin ‘Chepe Diablo’ Clears Tax Debt

Alleged Texis Cartel founder "Chepe Diablo" has nearly completed paying off his tax evasion debt to the government, and there is still no sign that the Salvadoran...

US Federal Agents Go After Texis Cartel Leader ‘Chepe Diablo’

US investigators are looking into the bank transactions and the origin of the finances of "Chepe Diablo," who was placed on the country's kingpin list earlier this...
Jose Misael Cisneros, alias "Medio Millon"

Key El Salvador Gang-Underworld Player May Go Free

One of El Salvador's most notorious underworld figures and a key link between the MS13 gang and drug traffickers is set to walk free in a blow to efforts to end the...