Captured Perrones trafficker Reynerio Flores

UN Confirms Links Between El Salvador’s Perrones and Pacific Cartel

A UNODC report states that the Pacific Cartel, a federation formed by Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel and Gulf Cartel, has formed alliances with El Salvador's Perrones...
Cocaine seized in El Salvador

UN Highlights Salvadoran Narcos’ Political Connections

In contrast to other territorial criminal organizations, El Salvador's drug trafficking groups do not resort to violence because they can count on the protection of...
Former police chief Menesses with a Barrio 18 leader

Washington: a Refuge for Friends of El Salvador Drug Trafficker

For the second time, the Salvadoran embassy in Washington DC is about to turn into a temporal home for a police official linked to Jose Natividad Lena Pereira,...
Reynerio Flores and wife at a court hearing last year

The Heirs to El Salvador’s Cocaine Trade: A Christmas Meeting

Two days before Christmas Eve 2012, a group of gang members and state intelligence agents met with the Flores Escobar brothers, nephews of...
Salvadoran drug trafficker Juan Colorado.

El Salvador Drug Arrests Linked to Perrones Chief: Prosecutors

Authorities in El Salvador said that nine people arrested on drug charges this week were working for the organization of an imprisoned leader of a transportation...

El Salvador’s ‘Pablo Escobar’ Briefly Captured in Honduras

“Chepe Luna,” the trafficker who has done the most to develop El Salvador’s drug trade, was freed just one day after being arrested in Honduras, in the latest of...
El Salvador drug trafficker Chepe Luna

How Police Corruption Let Salvador Kingpin Escape

Salvadoran diplomat Hector Silva Avalos tells the story of a botched operation to capture the drug lord known as 'Chepe Luna,' leader of the Perrones drug gang. Its...

El Salvador’s Perrones Regroup, Reestablish Dominance

Four years after several of its members were arrested, the Perrones, El Salvador's formidable illicit transport organization, has quietly regrouped, reestablishing...

On Average, 1 Salvadoran Police Officer Arrested Each Day

In the first eight months of this year, 232 members of El Salvador’s National Police were arrested on suspicion of participating in a variety of crimes, including...