The role of female gang members may be evolving in Honduras

Role of Female Gang Members Evolving in Honduras: Report

Female gang members in Honduras are taking a more active role in criminal activities as gang leaders are transferred into maximum security prisons, a Honduras...
Barrio 18 gang members

Barrio 18 Extortion Scheme Casts Doubt on El Salvador Govt Security Narrative

The Barrio 18 gang in El Salvador allegedly engaged in large-scale extortion of a community water management project, underscoring flaws in the government's claims...
Seven Barrio 18 members were each condemned to 390 years

Barrio 18 Members Sentenced to 390 Years for El Salvador Massacre

Seven gang members were each condemned to 390 years in prison for the murder of eleven people in El Salvador -- a symbolic judgement involving a massacre that was...
El Salvador's Defense Minister David Munguía Payés

El Salvador Defense Minister Played Key Role in Gang Truce: AG

A minister in El Salvador has been implicated in a controversial and now defunct gang truce, in a move that may be meant to discredit the ceasefire and officials...
A security officer asking Barrio 18 leaders to open the prison gates

Top Guatemala Prison Official Filmed Negotiating with Gangs: Report

A recently published video appears to show the head of Guatemala's penitentiary system negotiating with gang leaders in a maximum-security prison, a stark reminder...
Members of the MS13 street gang in a prison in El Salvador.

Proposed Anti-Gang Law in Guatemala Another Flawed ‘Iron Fist’ Policy?

Legislators in Guatemala have proposed a new bill aimed at attacking the country's gangs by increasing fines and prison sentences for gang members. But how the...

Homicides in Guatemala: Introduction, Methodology, and Major Findings

When violence surged in early 2015 in Guatemala, then-President Otto Pérez Molina knew how to handle the situation: Blame the street...

Homicides in Guatemala: Analyzing the Data

In the last decade, homicides in Guatemala have obeyed a fairly steady pattern. Guatemala City and some of its surrounding municipalities have the greatest sheer...

Homicides in Guatemala: Collecting the Data

When someone is murdered in Guatemala, police, forensic doctors and government prosecutors start making their way to the crime scene and a creaky, antiquated 20th...