El Salvador Police Chief Howard Cotto warns of gangs' infiltration of local politics

El Salvador Police Chief Warns of Gang Infiltration in Municipal Elections

El Salvador Police Chief Howard Cotto warned that gangs plan to infiltrate local politics by involving themselves in municipal elections, echoing the findings of...
A former Barrio 18 gang member

Why It’s So Hard to Leave El Salvador’s Gangs: An Interview With José Miguel Cruz

Around 85 percent of gang members in El Salvador have thought about distancing themselves from gang life or leaving entirely. But with few reported success stories,...
El Salvador police officers

El Salvador Police Running ‘Clandestine Jails’: Report

Officers of El Salvador's national police are allegedly running "clandestine jails" where they illegally hold suspected gang members, another indication of the...
Honduras National Police officers

Violence in Honduras Capital City Follows Past Trends

A new report mapping violence in Honduras' capital suggests that the country's gangs remain a root cause driving the violence, a finding consistent with years past...
El Salvador transfers MS13 gang members

El Salvador Government Conspired to Create Dissident Faction of MS13

Officials in El Salvador agreed to move a group of MS13 leaders after one member offered to cause a split in the gang. In exchange, he and his "henchmen" were...
All suspects in the "Truce Trial" were acquitted

All Suspects Acquitted in El Salvador Gang Truce Trial

The judge presiding over the so-called "Truce Trial" has chosen to acquit all 18 suspects, while indicating that El Salvador's former President Mauricio Funes and...
Members of El Salvador's police apparently used social media to organize extrajudicial killings

El Salvador Police Using WhatsApp, Facebook to Run Death Squads

As part of a broader investigation detailing abuses by police in El Salvador, news outlet Factum describes how officers have used social media to coordinate and...
Special police forces in El Salvador

El Salvador Special Police Unit Committed Extrajudicial Executions: Report

A special forces unit in the El Salvador police committed at least three extrajudicial executions, sexually assaulted two teenagers and extorted money via Facebook,...
The gang-related "Truce Trial" continues in El Salvador

After El Salvador Gang Truce Trial, 5 Doubts Remain

A trial in El Salvador has brought to light new revelations about the extent of the relationships between the country's powerful gangs and its political elite, but...