Colombia Captures Cocaine Fixer ‘La Faraona’

A recent capture by Colombian authorities highlights the importance of "super fixers" in modern drug trafficking and the perceived novelty of women in the drug...
A shark being "finned"

Industrial-scale ‘Shark Finning’ in Ecuador

Officials in Ecuador have reported a large number of shark fins seized over the past month, a development that suggests an industrial-scale practice of “shark...
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (right)

Ecuador Investigates $135 Mn in Latest ALBA Export Scam

Prosecutors in Ecuador are investigating $135 million in suspicious transactions that flowed through a shared virtual currency system with Venezuela, highlighting...

How Firms Scammed Venezuela’s Foreign Currency System

Overcharging and falsification of exports from Ecuador to Venezuela has become a lucrative business for complicit officials, and drained billions of dollars from...
A shop selling car parts in Colombia

Colombia Illegal Car Trade Worth $3.9 Billion

Half of all car parts sold in Colombia come from stolen vehicles, and that's just one segment of a transnational black market trade worth billions of...
Ecuador released its digital currency in December 2014

Can Ecuador’s Virtual Currency Deter Money Laundering?

As Ecuador rolls out a cellphone-based digital currency in the coming months, a potential boon for 40 percent of the population without bank accounts, questions...
Cocaine recently seized in Ecuador

Ecuador Lt Col. Arrested in 2 Tn Cocaine Bust

Authorities in Ecuador arrested 11 suspected drug traffickers -- including an active lieutenant colonel -- and seized nearly two tons of cocaine destined for...

Child Trafficking: From Ecuador to the US, Through Hell

Ecuadorian children are leaving, by the dozens, for the United States. They don't carry visas and they pack...
Drugs seized off Ecuador's Galapagos Islands

Ecuador Drug Seizures Skyrocket

In just the first two months of the year, Ecuador drug seizures have increased fivefold compared to the same time period in 2014, indication that the country's role...