Ecuadoran security forces inspect a suspected FARC encampment

FARC Dissidents Forming Criminal Groups in Ecuador: Reports

Recent reports suggest that dissident members of Colombia's main guerrilla group have begun forming new criminal structures in Ecuador, raising the possibility that...
Ecuador police raid alleged illegal gold network

Ecuador Emerges as Trafficking Hub for Peru’s Illegal Gold

An investigation in Ecuador has revealed how the country has become a major transit hub for illegal Peruvian gold exported to the United States, an evolution...

DEA Praises Ecuador for Increasing Drug Seizures

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently presented an award to Ecuador’s Interior Ministry in recognition of the country’s drug interdiction...

Ecuador: 300 Fishermen Arrested for Drug Trafficking in 3 Years

An estimated 300 Ecuadorian fishermen have been arrested on drug trafficking charges by foreign authorities in the last three years, highlighting the country's role...
Galo Chiriboga Zambrano, Ecuador's Attorney General (middle)

Ecuador Soccer Officials Accused of Money Laundering

Ecuador has announced its intent to prosecute several soccer officials on money laundering charges, the latest domino to fall after a 2015 US indictment of FIFA...

Why Did Ecuador Toughen Up Drug Laws?

Ecuador's Congress approved tougher penalties for small-time drug traffickers, an about-face from a more liberal policy which may have been prompted by the...
Ecuador Police Commander Diego Mejia is sworn in

Ecuador Shifts Security Focus to Microtrafficking

Ecuador's authorities say they are shifting their security focus to curbing neighborhood level drug peddling, raising questions about the priorities of a country...

Ecuador Toughens Drugs Laws, Muddles Policy

Ecuador is to toughen up penalties for drug possession after President Rafael Correa launched a broadside against "impunity" for microtraffickers "poisoning the...
Motorcycles are commonly used for killings

Motorcycle Killings: Criminal Modus Operandi in LatAm

Over 1,500 Guatemalans have reportedly been killed by motorcycle assassins since 2012, highlighting the spread across Latin America of a murder tactic popularized...